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The most significant advantage of a Virtual CFO is the opportunity to have access to the same level of knowledge, if not more, without paying the regular expense of an in-house CFO. 

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As a passive investor, our trusted crypto team can help you understand and calculate your capital gains tax liabilities, as well as work with you to...

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The Metaverse

The moment at which the physical converts into digital and the virtual transforms into reality is referred to the Metaverse. The metaverse will digitise our daily lives and serve as a digital marketplace for physical things.

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Structuring your investments

Investing in your future wealth by establishing a well-tailored and well-thought-out structure from the start will truly pay off. A strategy mapping session...

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Using an unsecured cryptocurrency wallet can deprive you of all the numerous benefits that come with trading

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The Future of Cryptocurrency in Australia

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About Me & Company

The team at MODH are a community like no other, comprised of a group of passionate accountants, lawyers, brokers and financial advisers who have specialised knowledge in the crypto industry ready to guide in all areas of your business and investment life.

At MODH, the team believe by bringing together our resources, the knowledge from our clients and newcomers we can build an exciting, educational & fun place to learn, interact and trade. We will be launching on Discord soon for our clients and the wider community to join.

My name is Luke Valerio and I'm a husband, dad, accountant, crypto enthusiast and founder of MODH.


How Secure is the Data on DeFi platforms?

User data across DeFi platforms are highly secured since they leverage blockchain technology and are built with smart contracts.

What do we mean by Total Value Locked?

Total Value Locked in DeFi refers to the total of all cryptocurrencies deposited, loaned, or staked in a pool across a DeFi system. In simpler terms, the total amount of cryptocurrencies used to carry out financial activities in a DeFi.

Is Bitcoin a DeFi?

No, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency itself (a digital currency), while DeFi is a financial system developed to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in its network.

What is the purpose of DeFi?

DeFi aims to provide a financial system without third-party intermediaries involved in financial transactions.

Is mining or staking cryptocurrency rewards income or an asset?

When you get cryptocurrency in exchange for offering services to others, this could be considered revenue. If you create crypto, you acquire a capital gains tax (CGT) asset.  Your staking rewards would be considered ordinary income whether credited to the pool or deposited into your wallet because it is income from your property in this case being your crypto currency coin. When you decide to trade the crypto for Australian Dollars or another crypto asset, you will encounter a taxing event.

How is my NFT artwork taxed?

An NFT, like any other cryptocurrency, can be used for personal use. CGT assets that you preserve primarily for your own personal use or enjoyment are known as personal use assets.

NFT is not a personal use asset if it is kept or used mainly:

  • As an investment
  • In a profit-making scheme, or
  • In the course of carrying on a business.

The moment to determine whether an asset is a personal use asset is when it is disposed of. The manner in which an NFT is stored or utilized may alter over time (for example, NFTs may originally be acquired for personal use and enjoyment, but ultimately kept or used as an investment, to make a profit on ultimate disposal or as part of carrying on a business). Even if you buy an NFT for personal use or consumption, the longer you have it, the less probable it is to be a personal use asset. For CGT purposes, capital gains from personal use assets purchased for less than $10,000 are ignored. All capital losses on personal use assets, on the other hand, are ignored. Collectibles are not considered personal use assets and may be subject to capital gains tax (CGT).

What should I use, a Hot wallet or Cold wallet?

You want to keep your crypto secure while finding a suitable mix between functionality and security when storing it. If you acquire any quantity of bitcoin and wish to keep it for yourself, you have the option of utilising a "hot" wallet, a "cold" wallet, or a mix of the two. A hot wallet is linked to the internet and may be susceptible to cyber attacks, which might result in your crypto being stolen, but it is quicker and makes trading and spending crypto simpler. Because a cold wallet isn't linked to the internet, it's less handy, even if it's more secure.

Difference between custodial and non custodial wallet? A non custodial wallet gives you direct ownership of private keys and of your crypto. Example Ledger Nano & Metamask. A custodial wallet is when you rely on a third party to protect your wallet. Example your Binance or Coinspot exchange.

How to interpret Tokenomics?

Token + Economics = Tokenomics. The concept is simple, Understand the supply and demand characteristics of a crypto asset to determine its future value.  How many tokens currently exist? Whats the tokens purpose? Is the token inflationary or deflationary? How are the tokens allocated? The answers to these questions can help you determine the potential of a cryptocurrency project.

What Tax structure would be best for me?

A few keys areas that would help us identify which structure is suitable for you are:

- Will you be an investor or a trader?
- Are you wanting to create wealth for yourself as an individual or for your family?
- Are you looking to protect your assets?
- Do you work as an employee or run a business
- What do you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months to 5 years?

These are only a few areas that will help assist us in determining the most appropriate tax structure for you.

How can I take out a loan on my crypto?

Taking out a loan or accessing your equity on your crptocurrency is NOT a taxable/CGT Event. It is just like you owning a property and the valuation of your property goes up and you then refinance and use the equity for further benefits. You need to be aware of liquidation prices & repayment terms

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