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What type of businesses do you invest in or advise on?

The business of cryptocurrency trading is one of the most lucrative businesses today. The boom in cryptocurrency and blockchain generally has led to many tapping out of the numerous benefits of the industry through the trading of cryptocurrencies. However, as profitable as this business of buying and selling cryptocurrencies for gains might be, it comes with various risks and volatility as the cryptocurrency market is still largely unregulated. Thus, it is essential for you as a prospective cryptocurrency trader or an investor in cryptocurrency to get the right set of advice and consultation before diving into this business.

Considering yourself a Crypto trader is a dream for many, but with it comes a huge responsibility. However, suppose you find yourself set up with a structured investment strategy and business plan, trading in large volumes and an eye for making a profit. In that case, you are heading in the right direction with our trading business services.

Becoming a successful crypto trader without consultation or advice from experts is a very risky adventure as crypto trading requires a certain level of expertise to record massive gains in the business. As a crypto trader, you need to have decided how you would like to be placing your trades in the crypto markets, build a trading plan, choose a suitable platform for your crypto trading business and generally understand how the crypto market works. All of these and many more are reasons why you need an expert consultation on your crypto investment and trading business.

Trading stock rules

If you're looking to trade stocks or crypto and become successful at it, it is quite essential to follow some basic rules of trading to minimise losses during trading and maximise profits:

  • Build a Plan: As a trader, you must build a trading plan before starting trading. For example, determine the periods at which you will take profits from a particular stock or cut losses from such stock.
  • Engage in Hedging methods: Hedging techniques are used to safeguard your positions while trading if the market moves against your predictions. Optimism is a great mindset while trading stock, but it doesn't hurt to be pessimistic at the same time.
  • Be familiar with the stock's trading history: Charts and relevant data show how a stock has changed over several weeks, months, and years. It helps you ask relevant questions that play important roles in your trading business. For example, the trading history of a specific stock can help identify any seasonality or consistent trends that could aid you in predicting future movements.
  • Embody Discipline and Tolerance rather than Emotions and fear as a Trader: Selfishness and fear can become irrational and short-term enablers of prices, which is a key component of the human system in financial markets. Rather than joining the audience, keep an eye on them to gain an advantage in analysing a stock's price movements. Commit to your trading plan and be patient and disciplined while trading a stock.
  • Reduce transaction fees: Transaction fees are essential in trading stocks as trading is typically an ongoing and short-term adventure. Even in this day and age of digital brokerage firms, engaging in trading stocks frequently might involve a lot of trading commissions. As a result, traders that trade a lot should seek brokerage services with minimal commissions. Also, trading on a short-term basis results in short-term capital profits, which get taxed at a greater rate than trades done on a long-term basis.
  • Understand a stock's beta: A stock's volatility is a significant factor for traders to consider while trading. The higher the volatility of a stock, the more the challenges and benefits that come with trading that particular stock. As a result, traders should check the stock's beta frequently. Beta is a statistical measure of a stock's volatility compared to a market benchmark.For instance, The S&P 500 has a beta of 1, which means that the volatility of a stock with a beta of 2 is twice that of the index. To put it differently, if the index falls by 10%, the issue stock has the potential to decline by 20%.
  • Learn to take profits: As a trader, you should never forget that a bird in the hand is sometimes worth two in the bush. Markets can abruptly reverse. Thus, it can't hurt to make a profit on a stock position that's been lying down with a huge profit. Taking profits will not only save you from losing money but will provide you with funds for your next opportunity.

Understanding the rules and dynamics of trading and investing in cryptocurrency is critical to maximising profits and minimising losses. This is why the rules are there to guide you. However, knowing the rules is not enough. You need to understand their applications too. How and when you should apply these rules, require adequate market and trend analyses, and this is where MODH comes in. Beyond advising you on when to invest and what to invest in, we would also help you with when to take your profit and when to #HODL. These and more are the services we would be offering you if you reach out now. So you should stop hesitating, and contact us now.


Is mining or staking cryptocurrency rewards income or an asset?

When you get cryptocurrency in exchange for offering services to others, this could be considered revenue. If you create crypto, you acquire a capital gains tax (CGT) asset.  Your staking rewards would be considered ordinary income whether credited to the pool or deposited into your wallet because it is income from your property in this case being your crypto currency coin. When you decide to trade the crypto for Australian Dollars or another crypto asset, you will encounter a taxing event.

What Tax structure would be best for me?

A few keys areas that would help us identify which structure is suitable for you are:

- Will you be an investor or a trader?
- Are you wanting to create wealth for yourself as an individual or for your family?
- Are you looking to protect your assets?
- Do you work as an employee or run a business
- What do you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months to 5 years?

These are only a few areas that will help assist us in determining the most appropriate tax structure for you.

How can I take out a loan on my crypto?

Taking out a loan or accessing your equity on your crptocurrency is NOT a taxable/CGT Event. It is just like you owning a property and the valuation of your property goes up and you then refinance and use the equity for further benefits. You need to be aware of liquidation prices & repayment terms

MODH is a new and innovative business in Australia at the forefront of the blockchain and crypto currency movement.

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