MODH, established in 2021, is a specialized community of trained, dedicated and professional team of accountants, lawyers, brokers, and financial advisers with crypto industry skills who are passionate about delivering quality advisory services and providing expert knowledge in all business areas ensuring safe and secure investment life. Derived from its meaning which signifies and encourages growth, we are committed to the employment of unique tactics and approaches to better our clients’ lives.

At MODH, we are committed to working hand in hand with our clients to ensure they have a great working experience with us. We are also committed to building an educational and exciting place to learn, interact and trade.

Our operation ensures that our clients are provided with valuable resources and strategies that help transform their business performance. Compared with the norm, we will provide you with all the options you have, the pros and cons and advise you on the best course of action.
With us, the future is secured; your investment is safe.
Together, we all can be there.

About Us - MODH Crypto Advice Australia


To provide client-specific services and build a vast digital community of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Commitment to our growing community; Passion, Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency towards our clients


  • Initiation: We establish an in-depth understanding of the motives, goals and desired outcomes of a client
  • Diagnoses: We critically examine the issue through our Accounting/legal team, who are experts on the thorough and possible legal implications of everything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain trading and investments
  • Solution: Upon diagnosis, the team develop tailor-made solutions for a client to resolve the issue at hand
  • Improvement: We are not satisfied with just resolving issues brought before us. We also put together an action plan specific to the issue broached before us on how you can improve your outcomes, and by consequence, reach your goals and exceed your expectations
  • Follow-up: Finally, to ensure ‘unforeseen’ financial problems do not arise, we actively follow up on our clients and especially assist with tax planning to prepare clients ahead for the financial year