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The previous year saw the explosion of cryptocurrency like never before. Starting with recognising more crypto coins other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, this was rapidly overtaken by the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) hosted on blockchain technology. The DeFi platform aims to provide access to finance to everyone with a seamless operation without the involvement of a third party.

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) rapidly became the next big thing that happened on cryptocurrency, and it still remains in the spotlight. NFT is currently raking the highest sales volume even at the beginning of the new year.

The Non-Fungible Token comprises many things,especially arts, music, sports, games and spaces. In recent times, there has been improvement in the type of assets available on the platform, and one of them is the NFT based blockchain games. As a result, these digital assets are becoming more valuable and offer many investment options.

These blockchain games hold many potentials that can transform how NFT is perceived globally.
Let us consider some of the NFT games that could soar in 2022.

DeFi Kingdoms

The DeFi Kingdom is a game on NFT we think you should watch out for in 2022. What makes the game special? The DeFi Kingdom game is an intersection between DeFi and Blockchain technology. If you have been passionate about both forms of technology, this might be a promising avenue for you to enjoy both. This unique feature is why the game is at the forefront of games topping sales.

The game is hosted on Harmony Network, and it is the first Harmony Network project to ever top the DappRadar charts. The game's setting allows players to participate by investing in a liquidity pool, represented by in-game "gardens" bought with tokens and liquidity pool mining.

Another extra feature that makes the game head to the moon in terms of sales is the play-and-earn model attached to it. People who have invested in the liquidity pool will usually have their portion within a plot filled with blooming plants. This puts a twist to the game and makes it more attractive to players. In addition, the game has recently acquired a new utility token known as JEWEL surging.

JEWEL is a utility token that lets players buy NFTs in-game enhancements that shows players' basic stat. Additionally, it is utilised for liquidity mining, allowing users to earn additional JEWEL by staking.As a result, there are high expectations for the DeFi Kingdoms game in 2022,such that the token has surged from about $1.23 last year to about $19.51 this year, an increment of about 1487%.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is another fore frontier when it comes to NFT based blockchain games, and it has even higher expectations in 2022.Unlike the DeFi Kingdoms built on Harmony Networks, the Guild of Guardians is built on ImmutableX – the first Ethereum-built layer solution focusing on NFTs. As a result, the platform will allow more players to participate freely and operate a free-to-play mobile role.

The free-to-play feature is similar to that of the play-to-earn model, with just increased access by players. However, it also has a lot of opportunities, including in-game assets that can be exchanged and won by players.

Why do we think the game will soar in 2022? The game, which just launched in October 2021, has already generated a total amount of $10 million in volume, and more gamers and investors are signing up daily. This intriguing game already has a token spike of $2.81 shortly after its launch and is still projected to go higher than that this year.

With the prospect this game has shown in its short time of operation, it has also been showing the potential of expanding the liquidity pool, thereby stabilising the prices of the games.

Galaxy Fight Club

If you think NFT-based games are static with no fun, you have to think again with the Galaxy Fight Club game hosted on NFT. Even more impressive is that the game is yet to launch, and there is already high speculation about its high viability. There are potentials for the game to roll out fully in the first quarter of 2022, as it is already in the beta phase of testing.

The game will be launched on the Polygon Network, featuring more collaborations in themes and designs from various partners like Animetas and CyberKongz. The game's concept involves players battling one another to access loot keys to open loot boxes instead of just wiping out opponents.

As a player on Galaxy Fight Club, you can take a Proof-of-Picture (PFP) NFT that can be changed to an avatar and can fight other players (fighters) in galaxies far away.The Galaxy Fight Club has over 10,000 avatar collections and can allow players to face off with one another searching for treasures.


The CryptoBeasts game takes a different dimension from other games; it incorporates an essential part of NFT arts in its development. It runs on Pixelation; CryptoBeasts is a form of the pixelated digital art game, and it is similar to the Zelda game except that it exhibits a retro feel. In addition, it is built on the Ethereum blockchain, making it highly versatile and advanced in usage.

CryptoBeasts runs on a peer-to-peer electronic and digital rare egg system. It has a total collection of about 10,000 pixelated eggs, each with unique colours. Each egg grants its owner a land parcel in the Eggland universe game with a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Having a game gives the egg owner the right to a vote on the DAO.

The DAO is hierarchical in nature, with a player's voting standing determined by the number of eggs they possess. As bizarre as it may seem, each CryptoBeasts decision looks to be calculated. While numbers are significant since they might indicate one's rank, prime numbered eggs boast perks such as giving more of the native CBX token and hatching uncommon animals with heightened power.

The most expensive uncommon egg sold for 5 ETH, worth $9,085 at the time of sale. The current admission price of 0.05 ETH is much more than the mint price of 0.01 ETH in June 2021. Therefore, the projection for 2022 is even bigger than the previous year.

Axie Infinity

The highlight and hallmark of Axie Infinity are that it is the first blockchain game to use the play-to-earn model on its platform. With the solid technical background of Axie Infinity, it has a very developed and advanced ecosystem. The developed ecosystem also helps the game's economic model and allows the players to earn more while having fun on the platform.

The Axie Infinity ecosystem is hosted on Farmer's World blockchain. Since its inception, the game has consistently been charting off the DappRadar NFT rankings and has more potential to secure more holdings on Farmers. The hosting site has been closing out in the past 30 days for about $563.6,with more possibilities expected in the new year with more investment.

Coins for Games

Each game has a unique coin or digital asset in playing the game and unlocking more in-game features. For the Galaxy Fighter, a player produces between 5 and 15 GCOIN per day. When a fighter is sold, the new owner inherits the GCOIN accumulated. This is beneficial to the ecosystem because it is required to power players' in-game actions, weapon forging,and selling second-generation fighters.

For CryptoBeasts, the native token, CBX, is the in-game currency distributed through airdrop to all holders of rare eggs. CBX tokens may supposedly be used and gained in several ways, including battles with beasts, land parcels that generate daily CBX, fulfilling particular in-game objectives, and farming and gathering materials.

Axie Infinity is the game's NFT and may be bred using SLP, the game's utility token, and AXS, the governance token. AXS may be staked, and with over $1.56 billion in assets being managed, customers continue to earn a significant annual percentage yield (APY), even though the total return has decreased from over 200 percent at the outset to about 88 percent.


The NFT world is the current face of cryptocurrency, and it holds an infinite number of possibilities in this new year. One of the significant ways that the NFT has been flourishing lately is in the creation of NFT-based blockchain games. Since their inception, the games have been evolving,and they keep surpassing imaginations and expectations.

The digital game ecosystem holds a lot of potential in terms of economic benefit. This is because most of the games run on a play-to-earn model allowing players to explore the adventure of the games while still creating values and assets through in-game purchase and treasure looting.

Some of the games described above are among the top leading games of DappRadar NFT rankings. This is because they have a large volume of assets, including tokens used by players and transactions carried out in the game. 2022 will be another fantastic year to see these games transform into something bigger and more entertaining.


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